Socrates Cafe Seattle: Now Googleable

2009 November 1

Thanks for all the feedback on the new site! I’ve placed reciprocal links between new site and old (and fixed typos!), per your suggestions. So if someone seems interested in dropping by or joining the email list, tell them “Go to Socrates Cafe dot info” and they’ll find both sites.

Or, hey, you can tell them “Go to Groups dot Yahoo dot com slash Group slash (all one word) socratescafeseattle. No, don’t include ‘all one word’! I meant socratescafeseattle is all one word.”

I also tweaked language on the Yahoo Group to improve Google results for the old site.

I’m pleased to report that now ranks on Google page 1 for both “socrates cafe seattle” and “seattle socrates cafe”. (Interestingly, Google treats these as different searches.)

Alas, the new site doesn’t even rank in Yahoo searches. But no matter! The Yahoo Group ranks on Yahoo page 1. (And its Google placement is also much improved.)

Now, back to philosophy.

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